HIGHLIGHTS of Qualifications    


  o 2016 August 2 Macquarie University, Sydney
    `Coursera' MOOC Online Course "Big History: Connectiong Knowledge"

    - 93.0% Mark Awarded 

  o 2014 April 9 University of Wisconsin-Madison
    `Coursera' MOOC Online Course "Human Evolution"

    - 100% Mark Awarded 

    `Coursera' MOOC Online Course "GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation 
     .. with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones"

    - 88.4% Mark Awarded "with distinction" 

  o 2013 September 23 Stanford University 
    `Coursera' MOOC Online Course "Startup Engineering"

    - 98.8% Mark Awarded "with distinction"  [ SSJS, git, node.js, Bootstrap, HTML5 ]

  o 2013 `Seawall' Oil Painting      

    - sold to Sister June Schlereth  [ Sisters of the Atonement, San Juan Bautista, CA ]


  o Strong Sales & technical experience with Enterprise XML publishing 
    customers, with Graphic Art sales, US & European vendors 

    - Tech support Unix, XML, and Graphic Art tools
    - Good writing & editorial skills
    - Fine Art Sensibilities

  o "First Class" degree (overall average 80%) Queen's University, Kingston ON

    - C & Is (Bachelor of Computing & Information Science) - included Fine Art
      and post-graduate courses in computer graphics, digital electronics
      Best Mark: Assembly Language programming, #1 out of 150 students 

    - SAT Scores:  99 Percentile English, 95 Percentile Math


1988-2004 President, Computing Art Inc, Toronto / Vancouver BC

    o Sales of XML Publishing / XML Transformation / ECMS (Enterprise Content 
      Management) software; also sales of XML consulting and training 
      (customers include Intel, Schlumberger, Microsoft Press)

      Customers: North America

      - Large sales (e.g. single $2.5M sale) to Nortel

      - "ECMS" sales: 

        Active `Activeserver' - Westinghouse @ Hanford Nuclear
        HaL (Fujitsu)'s OLIAS, INSO/EBT DynaText - Nortel Networks (OTT)
        Chrystal Software's Astoria - Nortel RTP (Raleigh)
        Chrystal Astoria - OLA (Open Learning Agency)

    o Technical support of FrameMaker (since FrameMaker 0.96b, I think)


    o 1986-1989 Technical Manager, AGS Associated Graphic Systems, Toronto

      - Solaris support, shell scripting, NeWS (postscript) programming
      - Hardware & Software support of high-end (and desktop) Graphic Art
        products (e.g. Lightspeed Colour Layout System, FrameMaker)
             - Support for Hyphen (Diss, UK) hi-res RIP startup

    o 1985 DCIEM Defense Research Establishment Toronto

      - Design & `C' coding of real-time human (Canadian Astronaut) 
        centrifuge controller 

    o 1984 "Co-Founder" / Technical Director ALIAS Research 
      (now ALIAS / Wavefront:  Created MAYA animation software)

      - Formed and led the Maya software development team

      - "Lightpainter" Canada Council proposal  precipitated founding
      - SGI workstation choice (1984 - Alias 1st serious SGI customer)
      - Purchase of `Contour' UIMS (User Interface Management System)
      - Recruitment of all original technical personnel
      - Ownership of Alias "paint" software

        [ Legal inquiries: Morris Cooper, 99 Yorkville Ave. Toronto ]

    o 1984 Co-Wrote V-Shell, NAPLPS (Videotex) DB Server 

      - Sold V-Shell to Hyundai, S.Korea (Computing Art, prop.)


    o 1979-1984 Member of Technical Staff HCR, (now SCO Canada, Toronto)
      - Real-time, UNIX Systems Programming
      - Animation and military research programming
      - Interface to Mike Tilson RT-11 emulator
      - 1982 First B & W Paint (rasterop) program ever written, possibly !
        (`C' code on Three Rivers Computer PERQ, traded to Lucasfilm)


    o Operating Systems / Skills

      - Solaris; Linux Ubuntu (debian); Windows;
      - Assembly, C, UNIX shell, Java, CGI, PHP, etc.
      - Handcoding HTML, XHTML, CSS, XSL - since '94
      - Adobe Photoshop, Linux Gimp, etc.

    o Document design / Demo programming
      - C-Art FrameMaker+SGML course (Microsoft Press)
      - Alias sales demo: `mote animation'
      - HCR Paint / `Unix' animation

Specialized TRAINING & Trade Shows

    o SGML Architectural Forms (Con O'Connell, HaL / Fujitsu Austin TX)
    o FrameMaker / XMetaL / Astoria / INSO DynaText - training by Vendors
    o 1987 Adobe PostScript Programming & Drivers courses
    o Trade Shows / booth duty: XML '99, '98; SGML '97, '96, '95, '92 

    o 1982 Lecturer OCA (Ontario College of Art) - Digital Electronics
    o Fine Art (summers) 1965, '64, '63 - Mount Allison University